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Welcome to the Learning Services Division of PCSSD 


Welcome to the Learning Services web pages.  This is an exciting time to be involved in education, specifically in Pulaski County Special School District’s (PCSSD) growing Learning Community.  The Learning Services team is comprised of two Deputy Superintendents and more than 25 content and/or area Directors, Coordinators, and other supportive staff members.  As professionals we are committed to educational integrity while focusing on teaching and learning at all levels-district, school, and individual classroom.

In serving the 36 plus District schools, Learning Services provides leadership, resources, and support to the PCSSD Learning Community for the purpose of increasing student achievement in an ever changing technological society.  In support of this mission, Learning Services focuses on high expectations, rigorous curriculum, and collegial, collaborative learning through ongoing professional development while fostering parent, extended family, and community involvement.   This support can be seen in three overarching areas: curriculum development, professional development, and “hands on” school involvement.

On these pages, you will find information detailing the work that illustrates our commitment to and support of teaching and learning with an outcome of student achievement.  Additionally, the work of the Learning Services team extends beyond the web pages and offices on Dixon Road as members of LS assist schools on site.   The Team of Directors, Coordinators, and Specialists can be seen in the local schools conducting Classroom Walk Through visits alongside principals; attending Professional Learning Community sessions; working with instructional coaches in analyzing summative and formative assessment data, responding to data by planning for best practices and individual interventions; attending department meetings; assisting with individual teacher needs, modeling lessons and much more. 

Should you have any questions about Learning Services, or if we can be of any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the LS professionals.


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